Katie Sedgwick ~ Craniosacral Therapist & Reflexologist

My intention is to create a welcome retreat away from the frantic pace of daily life.

From a young age I became fascinated in the exploration of the healing arts. I have a passion for natural health, and am continually updating my knowledge. I started training in Reflexology in 2000 with Renée Tanner. My interest and respect for the power of Reflexology expanded as I took further training: working with pregnancy, labour, post natal and preconception care. In 2002 I completed a foundation training in Integrative Art Psychotherapy and from this I became fascinated in biodynamic bodywork, as a very beautiful and profound way of listening to the body.

My exploration in Craniosacral Therapy began through receiving treatment and noticing remarkable shifts in all aspects of my life. I started training in Craniosacral therapy in 2003 with the Craniosacral Educational Trust and became aware of the inherent intelligence of the body and its natural capacity for stillness, balance, and health. Continued post graduate training has focused on specialising in treating pregnant women, mothers, babies and children.

I have a keen interest in the well-being of people, those who have experienced trauma, or suffering from pain and/or stress related conditions. My intention is to create a welcome retreat away from the frantic pace of daily London life. I am committed to my work, and believe in holistic healthcare, encouraging wholeness and the prevention of 'dis-ease'.

I have worked in a medical practice alongside allopathic medicine, with GPs, midwives and other health practitioners. I am a member of the International Federation of Reflexologists and the Craniosacral Therapy Association.