Reflexology was fundamental in helping me fall pregnant.  This coupled with craniosacral therapy, got me through a difficult pregnancy. Once my daughter was born, she treated both of us and Cosima responded incredibly.  I cannot recommend Katie enough and have done to lots of my friends’.Lindsay W. (Barrister)

'Charlie has been a delight since seeing you.  He was a normal giggly self this morning.  Such a lovely change from the last few days' Charlie L. age 18 months Olimpia L. Buyer)

'Thank you for seeing George on Friday. He enjoyed it!  You have performed your usual miracle, as he has gone from unhappy, demanding and irrational child to his usual sweet self.  The change was noticeable instantly and he has been a delight all weekend! Thank you for all your support at the start of the year - particularly with George settling into school. George L. age 5 Olimpia L. (Buyer)

This is six months late but I wanted to e-mail you to thank you for all of the support and advice you gave me throughout my pregnancy. Eve is six months old now and is such a little joy.....She’s such a happy baby I feel very blessed. After the labour I had such a tough few weeks with all sorts of infections and complications but it quickly passed and I was able to begin to recover and really enjoy this time. I’m convinced that the course of reflexology really helped me to have a healthy and smooth pregnancy, I also just found it reassuring chatting to you each week! And it was so good of you to come to treat us at home after Eve had first arrived and I was finding it impossible to relax or sleep Ellen C (Head of Marketing & Communications)

n my first pregnancy reflexology was my monthly relaxation treat, with the added bonus that my waters broke 5 minutes after my last session with Katie. I'm now pregnant again and hoping for a repeat performance!'Dee F. (Ruskin Midwife high risk team leader, Kings College Hospital)

‘It was definitely a gentle birth and I really want to thank you for your contribution to that.’
Mariama K. (Charity Director)
'Last year you were quite wonderful in getting me through post natal depression and I realise that I never thanked you for all that you did.  You helped me more than I could ever hope for and I would like to say thank you very much.’
Lisa W. (Mother)
'Katie instinctively knows how to source the origins of a problem...I can feel my whole being resonating to the subtle dynamism of her work.  A truly gifted practitioner’.
Marion E. (Shiatsu Practitioner & Healer)

‘Katie is a Star! Through her practice of Cranialsacral Therapy, Reflexology & compassionate intuition she has helped me to move out of my past & embrace my future. I shall be forever grateful.’
Keith. S (Company Secretary)

‘I have found Craniosacral Therapy with Katie to be, quite simply, life changing.  She has inspired me to learn more about the therapy as it has been such an incredible journey. I had some specific health issues that have completely resolved now - neck pain, menstrual pain and persistent headaches. Her skills as a therapist have brought unexpected psychological benefits that have amazed me. Issues, both current and from childhood, have been resolved easily and painlessly; I feel lighter inside.  I felt Katie was very supportive during the healing process - her gentle suggestions and comments always well placed and thought provoking... I have become more accepting of myself and others. My husband - initially a skeptic - has had complete resolution of work stress issues since seeing Katie - his job has become more stressful, but his attitude has changed which has made him calmer and our life together richer. I will continue to recommend Katie as an excellent therapist......’
Anne R. (Veterinary Surgeon)

I wanted to thank you for the all the sessions...I really believe that it made a difference to the way I was feeling, at what was a very difficult time for me. You really are very talented and have such a lovely way with your clients'

.Louise B. (Property Consultant)

'Katie you are magic! I slept so well and my body feels back to normal. Thanks so much.' Rose (entrepreneur)